Terms & Conditions (Angels & Hunks)

Charlie Spice Angels & Hunks:

  1. Must be 18-30 years
  2. Must work as independent adult professionals.
  3. Reserve the right to accept, refuse or cancel any bookings for any reason.
  4. Shall be allowed to terminate their partnership with the Charlie Spice Experience at any time.
  5. Shall be allowed to set their own rates, terms and conditions for their services.
  6. Shall pay 20% commission to the management of Charlie Spice Experience of all bookings referred by them. This commission shall be deducted from the cost of the booking in advance by the client and paid directly to management, as a deposit. The client shall then pay the balance directly to the Charlie Spice Angel/Hunk before the booking begins.
  7. Shall keep all tips received from clients.
  8. Must be dressed appropriately at all times.
  9. Must exhibit a professional and courteous attitude and behaviour at all times.