Back on air on 11th Sept 2017

The Adult Industry Show is an Internet Radio and TV broadcast, which features compelling news, reviews and interviews on hot, trending topics in the global adult industry.

The show is aimed at promoting the talents, products, services, activities and events of adult industry professionals and organisations worldwide.

This broadcast is also a global media platform for individuals and businesses to voice their concerns and complaints about issues in the industry that impact on them.

During each episode, the Host and Co-Host engage interesting personalities in the adult industry in live, interactive discussions. Guests can participate in the discussions from anywhere in the world via skype, telephone.

Millions of listeners and viewers worldwide can tune into the LIVE broadcast. They can also call into the virtual studio to join the discussion via skype, telephone or instant chat.

All episodes of the show are automatically placed in the archives. Therefore persons who miss the live broadcast can still tune into the show at their convenience in the future.

The show is broadcast internationally to millions of people, via the Internet.
This content is for a mature audience (18+).
 Adult Industry Show is produced by Adult Social Media Network and hosted by Charlie Spice

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