Get Verified is an application developed by Adult Industry Association to make the industry a safer place for work, business and pleasure.

Get Verified enables adult industry providers and subscribers to get their identity verified while remaining anonymous to the public.

This means that subscribers can now get verified, but still use an alias or stage name on their online profiles to remain anonymous and discreet.

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Benefits of getting verified

  • Being verified will significantly boost your credibility in the adult industry.
  • As a verified user, individuals and businesses in the adult industry will feel more confident networking and doing business with you.
  • Being verified will prevent you from losing bookings, contacts, opportunities and revenue in the adult industry, due to credibility.
  • This service offers you more protection.
  • This service helps to reduce fraud, rape, theft and other criminality in the adult industry.
  • This service helps authorities to take action against offenders in the adult industry, if necessary.

How To Get Verified -  Check Verification Form