Become a CSE Event Organiser

The management of Charlie Spice Experience is establishing a global network of Event Organisers

The responsibilities of Event Organisers in their assigned territories are:

1) To promote the Charlie Spice Experience membership to high net-worth individuals.
2) To promote the Charlie Spice Experience to elite Fashion Models, Glamour Models, Escorts and Strippers to become Charlie Spice Angels
3) To plan, organise, promote and host Charlie Spice Experience events according to the guidelines set by management.

Important: Sexual activity is not allowed at any of our events.

Earn USD $5,000 - USD $10,000 per event

Event Organisers earn money from in the following ways for each event, where applicable:

1) Admission paid by members and specially invited quests
2) Sponsorship
3) Drinks/food sales
4) Merchandise sales

100% of all money generated from admission is retained by Event Organisers.

Network fees

Event Organisers are required pay a network fee of USD $500 to management for each Charlie Spice Experience they host. This fee covers the cost of:

1) Right to host an event under the CSE brand name
2) Advertising on the CSE website
3) Direct email promotion to all CSE members

This fee must be paid to management when event is planned and published.

How to become an Event Organiser

To become an Event Organiser, simply follow the simple steps below:

1) Click on the button below and submit the online sign up form.
2) We will then contact you via Skype or WhatsApp to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

If you qualify, we will approve your profile.

There is no cost to become an Event Organiser.