About Us

For the past 30 years, Charlie Spice Experience is an exclusive adult lifestyle agency catering to high-net-worth individuals globally.

The agency specializes in providing discreet and high-level adult entertainment services.

Client Services

1) Booking elite companions for social, entertainment, and travel purposes.

2) Assisting clients in finding suitable partners for various types of relationships.

3) Booking services of adult entertainment professionals worldwide.

4) Providing concierge services for booking hotels, villas, restaurants, limousines, private jets, helicopters, yachts, and other tourism and hospitality services.

5) Organizing VIP admission to exclusive clubs and events worldwide.

6) Organizing private adult parties at luxury venues such as villas and yachts.

How To Become A Client

Membership is exclusive and by invitation only. Prospective clients must be invited by management or referred by an existing client.

Qualification is necessary, and a personal interview with Charlie Spice is required to determine eligibility for membership.

The services are tailored for those who can appreciate and afford a high level of exclusivity, quality and discretion.


While the main office is located in Barbados, the services of the Charlie Spice Experience are available worldwide.


The agency emphasizes strict confidentiality, assuring clients that all personal details and activities will be treated with the utmost discretion.

It's evident that the agency targets a niche market of individuals seeking an elite and discreet adult lifestyle experience, and the emphasis on confidentiality underscores the agency's commitment to providing a private and exclusive service.

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