About Charlie Spice

Charlie Spice (Charles Lewis) is a Global Consultant, Advisor and Guest Speaker on business, health, criminal, social and political issues related to the sex and adult entertainment industry.

His services are available to related government agencies and related NGO’s worldwide to assist them in their efforts to address human rights issues such as Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Extortation, Stigmatisation and other problems stemming from the global sex trade.

Business development consultancy is also available to private businesses in the sex and adult entertainment.

Charlie has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 38 years. During his tenure in business he has owned, operated or invested in businesses in the industries of Sex/Adult Entertainment, IT, Telecoms, Tourism and Property in the US, UK, European and the Caribbean markets.

His greatest personal achievement to date is the launching of the Adult Industry Asscociation (AIA), which is an online platform aimed at making the sex industry a better, safer, healthier and more rewarding space for business, work and pleasure.

The aim of AIA is to develop solutions to mitigate the impact of the problems faced on a daily basis by millions of stakeholders worldwide in the sex and adult entertainment industry.

He is also a guest lecturer at the Cave Hill Campus of the University Of The West Indies. He lectures to students in the faculty of Tourism Management and Social Studies on the impact of global sex trade on tourism and other areas of economy.