My Birthday Tragedy

Sunday 16th October 2022 was supposed to be a celebration of another birthday and life itself. Instead I was10845147263?profile=RESIZE_584x involved in a horrific car accident.

I was travelling on a road in Burbon in the parish of St Lucy in Barbados. I had a passenger in the car who is a visitor from Poland but resides in Italy. As I was going around a bend, a vehicle suddenly appeared on my side of the road, travelling in the opposite direction at top speed.

I had seconds to avoid a head-on collision by pulling to the left to take evasive action. The other vehicle collided into the right side of mine before losing control and flipping onto its top in the ditch. My vehicle came to a stop by the edge of a deep gully, which would have made matters a lot worse if my vehicle had gone over the edge.

I sustained multiple injuries. Broken ribs, hematoma of the kidney, severe trauma to the hip and thema. I have also have multiple small cuts from the flying glass. My passenger sustained a blow to the forehead which resulted in a concussion, multiple small cuts and a puncture in pubic area. 

I later discovered that the other vehicle was involved in a high speed chase with the police. The driver and one other passenger fled the scene. The three remaining passengers were detained by the police. Guns, ammunition and drugs were allegedly found in their vehicle.


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