As part of our global expansion strategy, Charlie Spice Experience is recruiting a worldwide network of Charlie Spice Concierge. 

This is home-based business opportunity.

Each Charlie Spice Concierge is given an exclusive city to manage.

Charlie Spice Experience is an international VIP Concierge Service for high net-worth individuals who love to indulge in adult entertainment privately, discreetly and at the highest level.

We cater to both male and female clients.

To use our services, persons must be referred by an existing client, and must qualify. A personal interview with a Charlie Spice Concierge is required to determine their eligibility. For more details, go to

As our Charlie Spice Concierge, your responsibility is to assist our clients with their adult entertainment needs in your city. The services you will provide are as follows:

  1. To search for and find top Adult Professionals according to the clients requirements.
  2. To screen and interview Adult Professionals to check their suitability and availability.
  3. To obtain photos of qualified Adult Professionals and send to the client for their review and selection.
  4. To negotiate rates according to the client's budget.
  5. To confirm bookings with Adult Professionals selected by the client.
  6. To manage cancellations if required.

Your responsibility is also to promote Charlie Spice Experience online via social media marketing.


  1. Great customer service skills
  2. Experience with high net-worth clients
  3. Social media marketing skills
  4. Excellent communiction skills
  5. Good organisational skills
  6. Local knowledge of the entertainment scene
  7. Entrepreneurial mind set
  8. Success oriented

Training will be given to all persons on our concierge team via weekly video conferences via Zoom at

All Charlie Spice Angels and Charlie Spice Hunks must pay management a referral commission of 20% per booking.

From this, you will receive 15% commission of the total cost of each booking managed by you.  5% is retain by management.

All commissions owed to you will be paid within 48 hours of receipt of payment by client.

Persons who are dedicated, hard working and committed to success are expected to generate an additional USD 500 - 5,000 per week from bookings. This level of income will be accomplished in 30-60 days of appointment as a Charlie Spice Concierge.

There is no cost to apply to become a Charlie Spice Concierge with Charlie Spice Experience 

Simply subscribe free to our website and contact Charlie Spice directly to discus this opportunity in greater detail.


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