Preface (Written by Charles Lewis)

The autobiography P.I.M.P highlights the most exciting and defining experiences in the very colourful life of a man, for whom sex became his lifestyle, his livelihood, his survival and his demon.

Charlie Spice was born on 16th October 1961, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados and become one of the most controversial yet uniquely intriguing personalities to the thousands of people around the world who knew him personally or by reputation.

After a humble and troubled childhood in the BarbadosCharlie literally ran away from his home country at the young age of 21 to travel and conquer the world with nothing but the gift of gab, good looks, youth and sexual prowess on his CV.

By the time Charlie was 23, he had already acquired that savoir faire and raison d'etre which got him accepted into the most exclusive social circles worldwide, in spite of the ‘Bad Boy’ reputation he acquired.

At the tender age of 9Charlie was sexually seduced and abused by a woman who worked for his grandmother as a house keeper. This was just one of the many childhood experiences, which had a profound impact on him and was one of the defining moments which made sex the main focus in his life.

Sex became his blessing and his curse.

As you get to know his past from reading this autobiography, it will not be a surprise that Charlie ended up working in the sex industry as a male stripper and escort. You will also understand why and how he became the international playboy and gigolo he was known for. He was the consummate seducer of women sexually.

Charlie's success in the sex industry reached its peak in Europe in the 1990's, by which time he had acquired the trust of some of the world's most powerful, wealthy and influential personalities who used his services to arrange secret encounters with attractive women (or men) for their own sexual fantasies and pleasures.

This autobiography will share some of the unbelievable experiences Charlie had with celebrities, politicians, sports personalities and other famous, powerful and influential persons who used his expertise to facilitate their sexual indiscretions. You will be reminded of how kinky, horny, promiscuous and hypocritical our so called “High Society” really is.

Over the years, Charlie built a reputation in the sex trade for being very discreet and professional. He was the ultimate ‘Fixer’. These are the two main reasons he was successful in the industry.

Empowered by his superior communication and networking skills, Charlie also enjoyed a personal friendship with most of his clients. He was often invited to sit at their dinner tables, attend their private parties and to stay as a guest in their luxury homes around the world. This enabled him to understand the mindset and lifestyles of the Rich And Famous.

Selling sex was the only thing Charlie knew how to do and he did it well.

But in an attempt to please society and redeem himself, Charlie crossed over into mainstream business on several occasions in his life. This proved to be a major mistake on each occasion as society was not only hypocritical but also very unforgiving.

Society forever condemned and stigmatized him openly for his involvement in the sex trade. But secretly, many of those same hypocrites supported and patronized his service discreetly behind closed doors.

If the truth be told, society never really wanted him to leave the sex industry. After all, who was going to manage their indiscretions so professionally and discreetly?

This autobiography will also show the world the other side of Charlie Spice. Many knew him by reputation but few knew him for the man he really was beneath the cold hard exterior. The numerous TV, radio and print interviews and articles done about Charlie over the years purposefully focused only on his life in the sex trade solely to make him infamous as a PIMP.

This bad boy reputation and persona which the media and the gossip gave Charlie only represented a fraction of the man he really was. He was actually kind, sympathetic, genuine and considerate. He was also very approachable and generous which is typical of Librans. Charlie often gave money to the homeless who begged him in the streets and was always ready to help his friends where possible.

He was a true romantic. He enjoyed jazz and classical music, and loved going to the theatre and the opera.  He preferred walking on the beach and watching movies at home instead of night clubbing. After the age of 23, Charlie never drank, smoked or used drugs. He even played the violin at school and attended church every Sunday as a child.  He even sang in church choir. He was extremely intelligent, articulate, stylish and trendy.

This autobiography will also show his literary skills and penmanship.

Many people disliked and envied him for his carefree, playboy and jet set lifestyle. They hated his ability to make friends easily and his courage to do and say whatever he wanted in spite of society’s reaction or condemnation.

People around the world were intrigued by the sheer mystique of the man. Many lived their dreams and fantasies vicariously through him.  Many women around the world, who had secret fantasies of being high class prostitutes adored him. Many men on the other hand, who were discreetly intrigued at the idea of being a “Pimp Daddy” themselves, revered him.

Charlie was also the sexual fantasy of many women. Most women never saw Charlie as a good candidate for a boyfriend or husband and would dare not have a serious relationship with him. For them a secret fling filled with hot steamy sex was their only desire. Needless to say, he obliged some of them vengefully and others romantically.

Though Charlie was totally straight, he was also the sexual fantasy of many gay men who regretted his heterosexuality. Gay men often misinterpreted his boyish good looks, clean shaven face and his acceptance of the gay community. He was often put in the embarrassing position of having to decline sexual advances from gay men.

Ironically, Charlie was homophobic when he first left Barbados but later lost all his prejudices against the gay community as he travelled the world and discovered its sexual diversity.

Few people really knew Charlie and these were the ones who really mattered to him. These are the ones who truly loved, respected and appreciated him for the man he was.


My name is Charlie Spice.

Many of you may wonder why I chose “P.I.M.P” as the title of my book, especially when I hated this word with such passion.

Over the years, people who wanted to ridicule or embarrass me for my involvement in the sex industry would refer to me as a pimp in the most derogatory tone of expression, In fact, most of them had no issue with prostitution. I would later discover that most of the people who pointed at me paid for sex on occasion or prostituted themselves in some form or fashion. Ironically, some even became my clients at some point in time.

Society hated me for openly doing what they secretly fantasized about or actually did discreetly.

The strategy behind the title P.I.M.P was to realise poetic justice. Hence the acronym “Peoples Indiscretions Managed Professionally

I first became inspired to write my autobiography over twenty years ago during one of the life changing experiences, when I cheated death.

I was always told that my life was an amazing story that should be told to those who would dare to read it. During my travels, I often found myself in situations which seemed to come straight out of a fairy tale novel or a movie full of sex, drama, thrills, comedy and action.  At times, my life was also like a horror story.

When is the right time to begin to write your memoirs?

I tried many times over the years and could never get it started. Looking back, it was a good thing I did not start writing it before now. I simply did not have sufficient maturity, understanding or consciousness about life, which I have today. I could not have written my memoirs any sooner with the same intelligence, clarity and unbiased perspective. I would have deliberately written horrible, vindictive things about the characters I disliked in my life and given fairy tale existences to those I was fond of.

My story would have become fiction.

What prevented me from sharing my story before now is centered around an experience I had between the ages of 6 and 16, which I now know to be the fundamental basis for every single choice I made in my highly controversial life, and the person I have become to this day.

This experience stemmed from a single act of betrayal and infidelity that became the catalyst to the biggest scandal in my circle of family and friends who were scattered across the Caribbean, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Later in life, it became clear that the profound psychological impact which this experience had on me is largely responsible for the subconscious love/hate regard I had for women from a very early age until a few years ago.

I never trusted women, love or relationships.

This also caused me to view sex merely as a currency or commodity to get what you want in life. It was also a tool for manipulation or just means to a ‘Happy Ending” for the moment.

This traumatic event in my life made me is the perfect personification of the expression often used in psychology “Show me a boy of five and I will show you a man of thirty five.”

The challenge I had was deciding whether or not I should publish details of this event in my book. The fear was that it could possibly destroy the good relationship I now enjoy with people who are very dear to me. These relationships were lost for years. Why open old wounds long after they healed and pour salt in them.

On the other hand, how could I not include the very experience that is my true “Raison D’etre”?  The very core of my existence without which, I would not have had such an amazing journey. My autobiography would have been a story about a conservative accountant with a boring, predictable life.

This dilemma went on for years. Eventually I decided to include it so that the book would fulfil all its purposes and intentions. Most importantly, it would also offer me full closure.

Initially the purpose for writing my memoirs was to make millions from a best seller. I always knew I had an unimaginable story that people would find irresistible and compelling to read. I had no doubt my autobiography would be a best seller.

But as I matured, writing became a way of rediscoverin­­g myself. It was also a way of getting to know the person I had become and my true purpose in this life. It was also a way of understanding the complexities of my life and finally coming to terms with the good and bad experiences.

As I relived my life through my writing, my maturity enabled me to have a better understanding of all my actions and those of the characters I met along the way. It also helped me better understand the reasons for the choices I made and the consequences. Nothing in my life has ever been more compelling than telling my story to the world.

Each time I sat down to write another chapter of my story it was pure magic from start to finish. I was never at a loss for words or content as the material came directly from actual experiences. The only challenge was finding the style of writing which would enable my readers to relive my life through the eyes and emotions of each character, at each stage of my journey.

Each time I wrote, I was transported back to that very moment in time. I found myself capturing the story as though it were live. As I relived the scenes, I could feel the same excitement, fear, pain, anger, sadness, happiness and at times the anxiety rush which I felt back then.

My story is 100% factual even though it will seem so surreal at times. The scenes and experiences are all real but the names have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty.

For years, I had been scared even to discuss my intention to write about my life in the sex industry. There was always the risk that the powerful and influential personalities who used my services to book prostitutes, call girls, escorts and hookers, would be petrified of being named and shamed in my memoirs.

Imagine the reaction when someone who knows many scandalous secrets of prominent people worldwide and then announces that they are writing an autobiography. This would scare the shit out of my clients, any of whom would pay for and sign my death warrant.

During my tenure in the sex industry, I held delicate information close to my chest. I had knowledge of cheating husbands and wives, secret gay lives, perverted sexual tendencies, sexual inadequacies and, and, and ….  This type of delicate information can topple political and business careers, lower share values on the stock market, break up marriages and destroy families.

Many of my clients were ruthless characters and were more than capable of having me killed if they felt that their lifestyles would be compromised by my book. This was another concern.

For the record, let me assure everyone that my intentions are not sinister in any way. This book is not intended to name and shame anyone.

In 2009, my journey back in time had finally begun. To keep readers engrossed in my story, I used the strategy of becoming both author and reader as I wrote. Each time I started to write, I made sure I was in a quiet room with no one around to avoid distraction. I would close my eyes for a few minutes to focus on the past to set the mood and the scene.

As you read my memoirs, please surrender your emotions to me. Allow yourself to become part of each moment as I take you back in time with me. This book will also cause you to experience powerful emotions. To capture the full essence of my story you will need to embrace every emotion.

My style of writing may seem a bit hard core at times. But it is intended to create an accurate re-enactment of the events as they unfolded in my life. I am merely sharing the true perspective of each experience, based on my level of maturity at the time.

Although there is hard core eroticism, harsh interpretations and expletives in this book, there is a very powerful underling message which is intended to give some benefit to readers who have had similar experiences or can relate for some reason.

Allow me to say that it is not my intention to glorify the sex trade or condone any of the choices I made. Remember that we are all affected differently by the experiences and influences we have at the various stages of our personal development.

Some of the things I have done in my life may offend and upset you and others who read my book.  For this I am truly sorry, but I must tell my story just as it actually happened or tell none of it. By the way, I make no apologies to readers for the choices I have made in my life. But I do apologise to anyone I may have offended, disrespected or hurt in my life.

Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you.


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