Terms (Poker Game Organisers)


  1. There is no cost to become a PGO in the Charlie Spice Poker network.
  2. GGO's must sign up to add their profile at https://charliespice.com/main/authorization/signUp
  3. PGO's determine the type, date, time, guest list and location of each poker game hosted by them.
  4. PGO's shall post games rules, date and time of all poker games in our events calendar to notify players.
  5. PGO's must not publish the location of their games publicly in our events calendar.
  6. PGO's reserve the right to determine which players are invited to participate in games hosted by them.
  7. PGO's must notify invited players of the location discreetly via WhatsApp, email or other social media platform.
  8. PGO's reserve the right to discontinue their participation in the Charlie Spice Poker network at any time.


  1. CSP shall not disclose contact details of PGO's to the general public.
  2. CSP shall only promote our poker network and the games hosted by our PGO's.
  3. CSP reserves the right to remove a PGO from this network, at any time.