Having lots of money alone does not automatically entitle you to become a member of Charlie Spice Experience. We cater only to a handful of select individuals who can truly appreciate and afford the level of exclusivity and discretion, which have become the Raisin D'etre of the Charlie Spice brand.

To join our elite club, you must be recommended by an existing member and then invited by Charlie Spice himself to apply for membership.

A personal interview is also required to determine your eligibility for membership. This must be a face-to-face meeting, which can be held in any city in the world, at your convenience.

Only a limited number of individuals are invited to become members each year.

Member Benefits

1) Invitation to Charlie Spice Events worldwide.

2) Access to our VIP concierge service for adult entertainment.

How To Become A Member

1) First you must be recommended by an existing member or invited by managenent to apply for membership.

 2) Our admin team will conduct due diligence to determine your eligibility

3) If you qualify, a non-refundable deposit of USD 5,000 is required.

4) A discreet, face-to-face meeting is then scheduled in any city worldwide with one of our Lifestyle Managers, at your convenience.

5) Upon acceptance for membership, the balance must be paid.

Membership Fees

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