Top Models Wanted To Become Charlie Spice Angles

Make Money Entertaining Our Wealthy Clients

Earn US$500 - US$25,000 Per Booking/Assignment.

Do you have what it takes to become a 
Charlie Spice Angel?

The Charlie Spice Experience is recruiting the world's most sophisticated and attractive ladies in each major city to become Charlie Spice Angels.

As a Charlie Spice Angel, you will be offered all types of amazing money-making opportunities in the following introduction, booking and recruitment categories.

Dating Companions
Travel/Holiday Companions
Sugar Daddy Experience

Video Shoots
Photo Shoots


Having a beautiful face and great body is only where the interview begins.

The management of Charlie Spice Experience will only recruit ladies who meet the following criteria and the ability to represent our elite brand at the highest level.

Must be 18-30 years old
Excellent communication skills
Great interpersonal skills
Sense of humour
Great style/fashion sense
Savoir faire
Good etiquette
Social graces
Professional work ethic

Ability to cater to the needs of discerning clients at the highest level


All Charlie Spice Angels are independents contractors and must set their own rates.

Minimun rates must be US$1,000.

All rates must reflect the high level of exclusivity and the niveau of our brand.

Commission/Network Fee

For each booking or assignment referred by management, Charlie Spice Angels are required to pay a commission of 30% to the management of Charlie Spice Experience.

Commission due must be paid immediately upon completion of the booking/assignment.

Payment can be made via Credit Card, Debit CardPayPal, Payoneer or Cash.


The details of the personal profiles and bookiing activities of Charlie Spice Angels are treated as confidential.

The online profiles of Charlie Spice Angels on our platform are also private and not visible to the general public.

How To Apply

To apply to become a Charlie Spice Angel , simply sign up by submitting the Application Form.

Only ladies who are suitably qualified to represent our exclusive brand will be selected to become Charlie Spice Angels.

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