Elite Escorts Wanted Workdwide

London - Paris - Prague - New York - Miami - Monaco - Brussels - Barbados - etc 

We are inviting the most elite companions in select major cities worldwide to join our network.

As one of our Charlie Spice Angels, clients will contact you directly to book your services, when they visit your city. 


All Charlie Spice Angels must have the following qualifications.

18-35 years old
Excellent communication skills
Great interpersonal skills
Sense of humour
Great style
Fashion sense
Savoir faire
Good etiquette
Social graces
Professional work ethic

Charlie Spice Angels must have the ability to entertain discerning clients at the highest level, for any occasion.

Setting Your Rates

 Charlie Spice Angels are allowed to set their own rates for their services.

Rates must reflect the exclusivety of the Charlie Spice Experience.

You can change your rates at any time.


Charlie Spice Angels are required to manage their own bookings.

WHen making a booking, clients are directed to contact the selected Charlie Spice Angel directly via the platform.


In most cases, payment for your services is made to you in cash.

At your request, payment can also be made via PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, Bank Transfer and other payment methods.

No Commissions

All Charlie Spice Angels are independent and not required to pay any commissions on bookings made by clients, via our platform.

Editing Profiles

Charlie Spice Angels can edit their profiles at any time.

Simply click on My Profile in the links menu. Then go to Options, then click on the Edit Profile link.

Edit Your Location When You Travel

When you travel to a new city for an extended period, you are required to edit the Location field of your profile.

How To Become A Charlie Spice Angel

There is No Cost to join our network of Charlie Spice Angels.

Simply complete and submit the online Application Form>>

If your profile meets our recruitment criteria, our Admin Team will approve it and send you further instructions.