The Charlie Spice Show is a weekly, one-hour talk show which features news, reviews and interviews on all types of edgy, salacious, taboo and controversial topics.

During the show, the host interviews personalities from all over the world with compelling experiences, stories and perspectives.

The Charlie Spice Show is hosted by Charlie Spice himself who is an Entrepreneur, Media Producer, Talk Show Host and Author.

The Charlie Spice Show is live and interactive and guests/viewers worldwide can participate in the discussions with the use of the internet, laptop, desktop, mobile or other device.

Businesses  around the worldwide are invited to become Advertisers and Sponsors of the Charlie Spice Show.

Video Ads can be placed before, during or after each live episode of the Charlie Spice Show. Below are the benefits.

Each broadcast episode remains in the archives indefinitely to allow viewers/ listeners to tune in at any time in the future. Therefore, advertisers receive more exposure after the live broadcast.