Terms & Conditions (Angels)

Below are the terms and conditions for Charlie Spice Angels.

  1. All Charlie Spice Angels must work as independent contractors.

  2. Charlie Spice Angels must set their own terms and conditions for offering their Model/Elite Companion services.

  3. Charlie Spice Angels must pay an agency commission of 20% to management for each booking they receive via our platform.

    Commission is deducted from the 20% booking deposit paid by clients.

    In the event that the agency is unable to collect the commission directly from the client, the Charlie Spice Angel must pay the agency within 48 hours of the completion of the booking.

  4. Charlie Spice Angels must only charge clients for their time and not for sexual services. 

  5. Charlie Spice Angels do not commit any acts of prostritution or other illegal activities when entertainment our clients.

  6. Management does not accept any responsibility or liability for the services of Charlie Spice Angels.

  7. Charlie Spice Angels must be fully vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus.

Management reserves the right to make any amendments to these terms at any time.

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