Become An Elite Charlie Spice Companion

Do you have what we what it takes to become  Charlie Spice Companion?

Earn US$200 - US$500 Per Booking.

The Charlie Spice Experience is recruiting attractive male and female Companions worldwide to accompany and entertain our travel clients on dates for the following social and sporting occasions.

Breakfast  -  Lunch  -  Dinner  -  Dancing  -  Concerts  -  Sailing  -  Sightseeing Tours
Cinema  -  Opera  -  Theatre  -  Shopping  -  
Tennis  -  Golfing  -  Horse Racing  -  Car Racing  -  Polo  -  Cricket  -  Football  -  etc

Benefits To Companions

The attractive women and men who are selected to become Charlie Spice Companions will enjoy the following benefits.

1) US$200 - US$ 500 per booking, while having fun.

2) Shopping sprees for your retail therapy.

3) Boost in your social status and lifestyle.

4) Opportunity to meet wealthy clients on a regular basis for:
- Friendships
- Relationships
- Job opportunities
- Business/Investment opportunities
- Travel opportunities


Having a beautiful face and great body is only where the interview begins. Charlie Spice Experience will only recruit persons who also have the following skills set and the ability to represent our elite brand.

Excellent communication skills
Great interpersonal skills
Sense of humour
Great style/fashion sense
Savoir faire
Good ettiquette
Social graces
Professional work ethic
Ability to satify discerning clients at the highest level


Below are the rates paid by client for our Introduction & Dating services

3 Hours - US$ 200
4 Hours - US$ 250
5 Hours - US$ 300

For each additional hour the cost is US$50.00

All related expenses during the date are paid for by client.

Getting Paid For Your Companion Services

Companions are paid 70% of the money paid by client.

30% is retained by management for administration, marketing and other support services.

Money due to the Companion is paid out immediately upon completion of the booking.

Payment can be made via PayPal, Payoneer or Western Union.

How To Apply

All persons interested in becoming a Charlie Spice Companion are required to follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Submit the Application Form.

Step 2 - Send us 4-6 recent photos via WhatsApp on +44 7721 776 409.

Step 3 - If we are impressed with your photos, we will schedule an online video interview to determine your eligibility to become an elite companion. 

Step 4 - If your video interview is also successful, we will approve your application and publish your profile on our site.

Only persons who are suitably qualified to represent our exclusive brand will be selected to become Charlie Spice Companions.

Application Form